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Famous European Wine Regions

Region Burgundy

Burgundy is arguably France's most prominent wine region lying in the east of the country. Top vineyards are based on the undulating limestone slopes which have a veritable layercake of soils and individual terroirs.

Wines are made almost exclusively from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Read more...

Region Champagne

Region Alsace

The wine region of Alsace runs approximately 80 km along the German border, south from Strasbourg to Mulhouse, between the high Vosges mountains and the River Rhine. Surprisingly this is the driest wine area in France.

The region and its wine may seem Germanic in many ways, but both are thoroughly French in style. Read more...

Region Alsace

Regiony Moravia and Austria

Mikulov (formerly Nikolsburg) is a historic town on the Austrian border in the shadow of the imposing Pálava hills, the northernmost promontory of the Alps. The limestone subsoil is ideal for white wine, in particular Welschriesling.

And Austria's first DAC or demarcated region, Weinviertel, was created across the border in 2004. Read more...

Region Champagne

Region Moselland and Rheinland

The meandering Mosel makes its way north-east from Luxembourg. At every turn the vineyards have different potential. The Mosel finishes its path in Koblenz, where it flows into the Rhine.

This part, listed by UNESCO, with its majestic castles and abbeys, represents for many the very essence of great German wine. Read more...

Region Champagne

Region Champagne

Champagne is a wine region lying about 100 km to the east of Paris, which was legally defined between 1908 and 1919 and consists of some 35 000 hectares of vineyards.

75% of these vineyards are to be found in the département of Marne, 17% in Aube and the remaining 8% in the départements of Aisne, Seine-et-Marne and Haute Marne. Read more...

Region Champagne